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Strange Things I Encountered This Month | January

I got to thinking, what should my last post of the month be about?  And BAM!  This idea was born: Strange things I encountered this month, January edition. Anyway, my life is pretty boring and average but that doesn’t mean I run into a few strange things every now and then.  First strange thing I’d… Continue reading Strange Things I Encountered This Month | January

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Infused Water | Strawberry Lemon Mint

Is it bad that I’m writing a blog post on putting fruits in water? I mean, it doesn’t take an expert to chop up some fruits and dump them into a glass of water. I’m still going to write this post anyway. I’ll be completely honest here.  I used to hate infused water for two reasons.… Continue reading Infused Water | Strawberry Lemon Mint

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Green Tea Impulse Buy | No Regrets

Happy Saturday everyone! I’ve been waiting all week to post again.  I never knew blogging was this much fun.  I just love sharing things with you! When I went to this Asian supermarket a couple of weeks ago, I passed by this. Yes, that is my dirty sweater sleeve, My first reaction was “I hate… Continue reading Green Tea Impulse Buy | No Regrets

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Chocolate Blueberry Cookies

Happy Saturday! The first official post of my blog is here!  And what better first post than a recipe?  Not just any recipe, but a blueberry recipe. I’ve had a huge obsession for blueberries since… middle school.  What’s so special about them?  How about they’re blue!  Have you seen any other naturally blue foods before?… Continue reading Chocolate Blueberry Cookies