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Picnic At Griffith Park With Friends!

Happy Saturday! Last Saturday a group of my friends and I decided to go on a picnic because why not? Picnics are fun and cute and counts as a physical outdoor activity – right? It’s better than sitting in all day, binge watching Malcolm in the Middle. (Currently on Season 7 – the last season. No shame.)

Plus, the best part about picnics? They’re free! Well, for the most part. Location is free, activities are free, and company is free. (Unless you need to buy your friends, in that case, company’s not free and you should probably get new friends.) The only thing that costs $$$ is transportation, unless you decide to walk to a nearby park, and the food might be a little pricey, but we decided to go potluck style and all bring something of our own.

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People’s Influence On My Dream Job | RAMBLE

When I was younger I wanted to become an artist. Someone who draws and paints and creates amazing artwork for people to gaze and awe at. But why did I really want to become an artist when I was younger? What peaked my interest to pursue a career in it? To put it simply – I liked the attention.

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Writing Stories Throughout Summer Break

I’ve always been a fan of stories. I love hearing them, writing them, creating them. They’re everywhere, and I find that so special. So I’m currently on my summer vacation and unfortunately I have absolutely nothing to do. That’s right!

I’m not in summer school, and I don’t have a summer job or anything like that. Instead, I am 100% free all the time. Sounds amazing, right? Especially since I can now focus on writing my stories and refining the ones I have now.