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Kiefer Dawg Oatmeal Recipe

Sometimes you want to give your doggie a treat, but not those Milk Bones you get at the pet store.  You want to give your doggie an extra special treat.  But what else can you give your dog?

Dogs can eat all sorts of human food, and I’m going to share with you a recipe that I gave this cutie patootie a while back ago.


Meet Kiefer, the cutie patootie that can be annoying but adorable all at once.

One day, I had nothing else to do and looked at Kiefer.  I remember reading about how dogs are able to eat oatmeal.  I mean, most dog shampoos have oatmeal, right?  I guess oatmeal is good for dogs?  Turns out, yes it is!  Just like how oatmeal is great for us humans and our skin, the vitamin E in oats is also great for our doggie friends and their skin.  Oatmeal is also great for dogs who are experiencing irregular bowel movements.


But some precautions should be kept in mind while giving your little friend this treat.

For one, don’t give your dog too much oatmeal at once.  Recommended amount is about 1/2 a cup of oatmeal.  Also, don’t give your dog oatmeal too often.  I believe it is recommended to feed your dog oatmeal every two to three weeks, but to be on the safe side I would say feed your dog oatmeal once a month.


Aside from feeding instructions, it is also important to remember that dogs cannot have milk so do not cook your oatmeal in milk!  Always water.  Also, use regular plain oats.  Do not use any prepackaged oatmeal containing high amounts of salt and sugar.  Seems pretty obvious, right?

Just follow these simple rules and you can feed your little buddy oatmeal made from love.

I mean, look at that face.  How can you not give that face a special treat?


For this recipe, I added some of the Kiefer dawg’s favorite hooman bean food – peanut butter and carrots.


He loves crunchy things so I didn’t cook the carrots with the oats.  I added the carrots in at the very end just to top it all off!  If your dog doesn’t like carrots, feel free to get creative with your oatmeal recipe.  Maybe add a strawberry or a cooked egg?  You know your dog better than me so tailor your oatmeal around some of your dog’s favorite hooman bean foods.



1/4 cup of rolled oats
1/2 cup of water
1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter **
1 baby carrot, chopped


Cook oats with water on saucepan.  Pour cooked oats into dog bowl, mix in peanut butter, and chopped carrot.  Wait for oatmeal to cool before serving!

** Make sure peanut butter is safe for dogs and does not contain xylithol.


Now just sit back and watch your dog scarf down that delicious meal you just made for him/her!


Yours Truly,

Sally Hyroad


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