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Orange Blossom Honey

You can ask me what orange blossom is and I won’t be able to tell you.  But it sounds cool, right?  So when I came across this orange blossom honey, I had to get it.


Okay, back track a little bit.  How did I come across this honey?

Well, after years of asking for an ice cream maker as my birthday present – I finally got one!  And I’m soooo grateful for it.  Seriously.  I love ice cream almost as much as Joe Biden, and I’ve always wanted to make my own.  I remember trying to make ice cream as a kid in one of those double plastic bags.  It never really worked out that well, and it was super messy.  Plus, it gets tiring having to constantly shake the bag.

Now that I have an ice cream maker, I don’t have to do any of the physically demanding work anymore!  Wooo!  I also get to experiment making different flavor ice creams which should be fun.  So I started researching some ice cream base recipes and saw that you can replace sugar in ice cream with honey.  This made me happy since I hate putting regular white granulated sugar in anything I make.  There’s just something off putting when you see the amount of sugar you put in what you consume.  (Same goes for butter.  I don’t like butter, gross.)  Honey at least makes me feel less guilty.


I went to the grocery store with my boyfriend, and we got the ingredients to make some ice cream.  The last thing on the list was honey.  We strolled down the cereal isle and found the shelf filled with honey.   As I was trying to decide which honey to get, I noticed this orange blossom honey.  What’s this???  I thought to myself.  What’s orange blossom???  Even on the back label where the ingredients are listen, all it said was “honey.”  Being my curious self, of course I got it.


Right when I got back from the grocery store and reunited with my laptop, I started to google what orange blossoms were.  Obviously, it turns out, orange blossom is a type of flower from the orange tree.  But what is orange blossom honey?  From what I read, orange blossom honey is made from beehives that are placed in orange groves or orchards while the orange blossoms are in season.


Apparently, this honey has a very distinct taste that is both delicious and beneficial.

I have to admit, after trying this honey I couldn’t really tell the difference with regular honey.  Unless you are a huge fan of honey and know what it tastes like right off the top of your head, then I think you’re going to have trouble trying to distinguish the differences between orange blossom honey and regular honey.  I had to figure out that the difference was so I took a little sample of regular honey that I usually buy (which so happens to be clover honey) and took in the flavor.  Then, I sampled the orange blossom honey and boy was there a difference!

As many websites will tell you, orange blossom honey has a more citrus-y taste to it.  They’re not wrong.  There’s a little citrus-y taste to it, kind of like an orange, but you can really just compare it to any citrus fruit.  Just image the zest of an orange but subtly placed in honey.  It’s that bitter-sour taste you get from orange zest or lemon zest that you can taste in this honey.  Also, another difference I noticed was the potent flavor of clover honey that comes out at you towards the end.  You don’t get that finish with orange blossom honey, which is why I feel that orange blossom honey is a better choice if you’re looking for a less overpowering flavored honey.  I think orange blossom honey would be great with fruit salads or on top of waffles (which is what I’ve been doing).


If I’m being honest though, this honey does get a little pricey for the amount you get.  Is it worth it?  It just depends on how picky you are with honey.

You already know what I’m going to do with this honey.  I’m going to make some kind of orange blossom honey ice cream, and it’s going to be bomb.  (Insert bomb emoji here).

Yours Truly,

Sally Hyroad 

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