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I Can’t Walk

I haven’t been able to walk for the past two weeks.  Actually, a little more than two weeks now.  Some of you may have seen my Facebook post where I said I haven’t been blogging due to medical reasons.  I wrote a detailed blog post explaining what had happened, but I haven’t posted it yet because I don’t feel comfortable sharing it.

I have been in a lot of pain these past two weeks and have broken down crying more than I have my entire life.  The pain that I have been experiencing has prevented me from concentrating on anything else.  The things that have happened has just been so physically and emotionally draining that I just don’t want to share it on my blog anymore.

But I do want to explain a few things.

My hip joint has been in pain since the beginning of this month.  I haven’t been able to walk pain-free since.  I have been to urgent care twice and my doctor several times.  My pain is still not gone.  The good news is I’m finally getting better.  I hope I will get to be able to walk pain-free soon and continue with my daily activities which includes blogging.

Thank you for your support.

Yours Truly,

Sally Hyroad


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