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Writing Stories Throughout Summer Break

I’ve always been a fan of stories. I love hearing them, writing them, creating them. They’re everywhere, and I find that so special. So I’m currently on my summer vacation and unfortunately I have absolutely nothing to do. That’s right!

I’m not in summer school, and I don’t have a summer job or anything like that. Instead, I am 100% free all the time. Sounds amazing, right? Especially since I can now focus on writing my stories and refining the ones I have now.

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Casey & Derek Pt. 2 | A Sims Story

Derek Lery is your stereotypical “cool guy.”  He’s got a major ego, loves cars, and doesn’t really care about anything.  Derek moved in with Casey and got a job in the law enforcement career. Derek and Casey did not get along.  They’d argue about different things.  Derek was more of an outgoing party animal.  He’d… Continue reading Casey & Derek Pt. 2 | A Sims Story